Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Why You Should Join Club TWiT Even If You’re New

Whether you are a longtime TWiT listener or a newbie, you might be interested in what we have going on behind the scenes. Our wonderful hosts and their content are really just part of what TWiT has to offer. The tech world is massive. Your computer, smartphone, and smartwatch skim the surface of the tech world, including the people who are connected to it. launched Club TWiT this year and it's really taken the hosts and their fans to an entirely different level of awesomeness. With Club TWiT, you'll have access to members-only content, TWiT's Discord channel, and ad-free podcasts. Someone who's still getting to know TWiT might ask: What's in it for me if I join Club TWiT? The answer is a tech community. Once you have joined the Club, you will step into a whole new world.

Ad-Free Podcasts Ad-free podcasts are fantastic. Let's face it, ad-free anything really can make a difference in your listening or watching experience for any platform. You can listen or watch without being interrupted.

Members Only Content What do you do when you find a celebrity, actor, or public personality you love? Learn all about them, of course! And one of the most incredible features of Club TWiT is getting to know our hosts on an entirely different level. Watch the Ask Me Anything and Fireside Chats where TWiT's own Hands-On Photography host, Ant Pruitt, interviews the network's hosts. Get to know the people you love beyond what they talk about on the shows.  Also, do not miss the Untitled Linux show on Saturdays with Jonathan Bennett and Stacey Higginbotham's Book Club.

Discord You can watch TWiT's shows live and chat with other listeners.  You can even ask hosts questions that they might even take on the air!  Best of all, there are so many places for discussions, and you can chat with other techies. There is literally something for everyone.

The best part of Club TWiT is that it's a tech community.  Join now!

Sunday, December 12, 2021

All I Want For Christmas Is TWiT’s Best-Ofs


Léo Laporte, Founder

It's that time of year! The snow is falling, Mariah Carey is singing holiday songs, or maybe you're playing your Christmas death metal playlist. Either way, it's officially the holiday season which means the Best-Of's are right around the corner. 

Here at TWiT, we are digging through thousands of hours of content from 2021's shows to bring you our favorite moments of the year. Maybe you remember MacBreak Weekly when Leo, Andy, and Rene reminisced about the iPhone and its 14th Anniversary? Or perhaps the face Ant Pruit made on This Week In Google when he found out the panel doesn't use screen protectors. 

We already asked TWiT fans what Best-Of's they wanted to see, and we received excellent recommendations. If you have ideas you'd like to contribute, we'd love to hear from you too. Email us at and include the show name, episode number, and timecode of the segment. You may see your recommendation on the show. If you're reading this after the submission deadline, make sure you track your favorite segments in 2022 and participate in the Best-Ofs for next year.

Whatever moment stood out to you or made you chuckle, it's possible that it made it into the Best Of's. So grab your hot chocolate and catch the TWiT Best-Of 2021 Podcasts. Episodes drop from December 28th, 2021 through January 2nd, 2022.

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Panel Podcasts Have A Lot of Advantages

Podcasts come in so many different genres, shapes, and colors it’s hard to even know where to start. There is one type of podcast, however, that everyone should really give a chance to, and it’s one that features a panel of people. Podcasts that feature a panel of experts are great for a few reasons. 

A Well Rounded Look 

If you have experts from different walks of life, you’re really going to get coverage on a topic from a lot of different angles. For example, the TWiT podcast, This Week In Tech starring Leo Laporte includes other tech journalists and sometimes an attorney or another tech expert to cover the hottest tech stories of the week. You’re not just getting the opinion of one side, you’re able to see views from all angles. 

Perpetual vs Alternate 

Some panels will have different experts each week with the same host, while others may have the same panel each week. Both have their advantages. For those who feature different people each week, guests can really give richness to topics that may have been covered in past episodes. This is great for audiences who have been listening for some time and adds to the knowledge they’ve acquired. For those with the same panelists every week, there is a comfort between the individuals that allow for healthy debate. If you don’t know someone as well, you may not be as inclined to disagree.

It’s Not Just One Person 

Single-hosted podcasts can be great! It’s an intimate relationship between the host and their audience, but there are great things about panels in that you hear more than one opinion.

The next time you’re searching for a podcast that brings you news and perspective from multiple angles, check out You’re going to find tech journalists and experts who really know the ins and outs of the tech world. Their discussions have listeners tuning in every week because they love the dynamics and information that every episode brings to them.

Saturday, November 13, 2021

Multitask While Listening To TWiT


Here at, we all know the difficulties of staying up to date with the latest news, but that’s what makes our tech podcasts so great! makes it easy for you to get the latest tech news while getting all your chores done.

While you commute

Whether you’re driving, flying, or taking public transportation, you can listen to your favorite TWiT podcast. Live stream or download and listen or watch when it’s convenient for you.

While you do housework

If you have to fold the laundry, mow the lawn, or get that picture gallery put up, let the dulcet tones of your favorite host get you up to speed on the latest tech news.

When you’re serious about it

Die-hard tech enthusiasts love TWiT because our network, after all, is focused on tech. But that doesn’t mean you have to be a tech enthusiast. The world around you is all about tech these days! From social media, politics, and meeting your everyday needs, you can’t get news without technology playing a part. If you want to get a great perspective from top tech experts, TWiT is going to bring you it all.

Whether you’re looking for just tech news or panel discussions that dive into the intricacies of the tech industry, TWiT’s got it. So before you sit down at the table or start your commute, download one of our amazing shows, and you’ll be a little bit smarter than the average bear and a fantastic multitasker. 

Friday, November 12, 2021

Who Is Responsible For Tech Waste?

There’s a sad truth. We are a throw-away society. Harsh, I know. Taking a hard look at where waste goes and what it does is intense. Have you tried it? From your candy wrapper to your vacuum and everything in between, it adds up. 

Some of us have really been taking a closer look into waste lately, while others really don’t want to see it. And who could blame them? Knowing that waste is compromising the planet, animals, and ourselves is a challenging and uncomfortable reality. 

When it comes to tech, we are always looking for the newest, most up-to-date technology, and we want it now. After all, new tech is sleek, beautiful, and does amazing things to improve our lives. It’s better, faster, and bigger, in smaller packages, and ultimately it makes our lives easier. 

But what happens when tech items become obsolete? What happens when they break? A LOT of materials went into making these items, and throwing them away into landfills isn’t a solution and is often dangerous for you, the earth, and our water supply. So who is responsible for E-waste, and what are the solutions? As with any type of waste in this world, the solution is a combined one, and of course, not easy. 


If you think you should just throw your old phone into the trash, think again. Most companies allow you to bring your old phone or device into their store. Not only will they make sure that your device is correctly disposed of, whether it’s recycled, broken down, or refurbished, they’ll also make sure your device is wiped clean of your information, further protecting your personal information. Can this be done with your old Roomba that the dog chewed up? A better question might be: are you asking companies what they do with their old or damaged tech products? Suppose that company really doesn’t do anything and tells you to throw it away. In that case, you are, at the very least, subtly reminding them that they also have a responsibility to properly manage their waste and that people are paying attention. You, as the consumer, have the responsibility to question the waste practices of businesses and have the ability to spend your money with companies who take it seriously. That’s a lot of power. 


As mentioned, many companies should be taking back waste to be handled appropriately, but what does that look like? Do they store it in some major warehouse, to be forgotten completely? Hopefully not, but they do have work to do. Waste management isn’t just finding a place to dump your trash. It’s “management.” Therefore companies should be looking at how they can reuse and repurpose old or broken tech into new tech. Is their trash another company’s treasure? Gold is a part of the cool gadgets in your hands, and others have taken it and turned it into jewelry. And the materials that are used to create your next laptop. It should be common knowledge by now that plastic isn’t as easy to recycle. If a company can forgo an unsustainable material in their tech’s design, they should. And while

being carbon neutral should be everyone’s goal. Carbon neutrality does not make up for the massive amounts of waste that their products are producing. 


While I am sure many companies do not want the government meddling in their affairs, who else would be able to hold businesses accountable if they continue to generate massive amounts of dangerous E-waste? Huge companies get their products to the masses, but that means a ton of materials that will eventually be discarded. If tech companies are required to change what they use to create their products, the downstream effects will be more sustainable in the long run. That also means that governments actually have to care about it. 

Ultimately, individuals, companies, and governments are all intertwined in their responsibility for e-waste management. After all, individuals elect representatives in their government and individuals who choose where they spend their money. If all three entities are working together, we may be able to find a way out of the proverbial rubble, but it will take time and effort. Suppose we can eventually create a sustainable economy in all facets of waste. In that case, we can address cleaning up the mess we’ve made, and the future will look wonderful for the generations to come.

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Looking for a Tech Podcast? Check out


So Many Options

The TWiT network is home to 13 technology podcasts, breaking news, special events, and a Tech Break feed that brings you daily tech updates in smaller bites.  Whatever kind of tech you’re into, there’s always a show for you. 

Tech News 

TWiT is tech journalist central! You will get expert reporting about the latest tech and a deep dive analysis of what it all means. TWiT hosts are experts at explaining how tech impacts the world. 

Well Rounded 

One of the greatest things about learning is how it can happen through discussion. Yes, our network reports the news, but it goes beyond reporting and feels like you’re hanging out and learning with your friends. On most shows, there is an expert panel of journalists that hash out the topics together. Through their back and forths, you will start critically thinking about the tech world and how it relates to you. You’re getting perspectives from all sides as our panelists are passionate and opinionated experts.

More Than An Average Podcast 

While you might be an avid podcast listener, gives you the option to listen or watch!  Video is especially exciting when our hosts are showcasing the latest tech while giving you a visual experience. For instance, our show Hands-On Photography gives its audience the ability to see and learn while Ant Pruitt explains the many different aspects of the photography world.  Whether you are an Android or an Apple user, the shows All About Android and IOS Today help you navigate and dig into Android and iOS.  To wrap up the week and start your Monday morning commute, our biggest show, This Week in Tech, hosted by Leo Laporte, rotates expert journalists weekly to cover the biggest tech stories.

Get It Anyway You Want It 

Life gets busy, and consuming podcasts can be flexible. Listen when you’re busy around the house, driving in your car, commuting, or when you want to be entertained. You can listen/watch on-demand or check out the TWiT Live stream as it’s on 24/7. 

Subscribe now and never miss an episode.

Friday, October 15, 2021

Customer Service Should Be Used For Every Workplace

If you deal with anyone daily in a work capacity, you have to do some type of customer service. Whether your place of work is a public-facing entity or not, if you are speaking to your boss, your employee, or the plumber fixing a sink, you are expected to have a degree of professionalism. With that in mind, here are a couple places you may have forgotten that customer service still needs to be at the forefront of your mind.


Have you ever heard the term “telephone tough guy”? If you haven’t, it’s someone who gets on the phone and acts harsh or rude because they aren’t directly walking up to the person to have a conversation and use their phone as a shield. This applies to your keyboard as well. As a rule of thumb, treat every interaction through your email as if that person is your grandmother. Is it frustrating explaining something over and over again in an email? Of course! But you are still in a professional work environment, and your email tone needs to reflect that every time. Does it have to be perfect and full of top-notch grammar? It helps, but the tone will translate a lot better when it’s friendly, and people are more likely to want to keep working with you.

Conversing With Other Entities

If USPS drops off a package, or you have a contractor coming to fix a leak in your roof, it’s important to remember that just because you don’t see them often or work for the same company, you still are required to act professionally. If they ask you a question that you don’t know the answer to, act as if you were a concierge. “That’s a great question, I am not sure, but I will get that information to you as soon as possible.”


You might think that this is a given, but when people get to know each other better, they might think it’s ok to just act however they want. Mind your P’s and Q’s with your co-workers. We should never expect our co-workers to do things for us. We have to understand their time is just as valuable, and we should be respectful of our requests and responses every time.

Most people think customer service only applies to service industry jobs, yet it’s really something that should be a part of everyone’s professional working life. You will maintain longevity in your work relationships, and people will feel like you actually respect and care for them. This goes a long way in making your everyday interactions pleasant and productive, and that will always make your place of work a place that others want to be. 


Thursday, September 16, 2021

The Four Agreements - My Mantra for Life

 The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz is a book that everyone should listen to or read.  Here's my mantra that I pulled direct from this book that I read daily and apply to my life.

  1. Be impeccable with my word (if I say I will do something, then I do it)
  2.   Don't take anything personally (the only person I can control is myself - let the rest go)
  3. Don't make assumptions (this is HUGE - ask, never guess)
  4. Always do my best (I require this of myself daily and always strive to be better)

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

The Security Now Podcast Has Your Credit’s Back

The TWiT network has your news on all the latest things tech and more! One of our most important shows, Security Now, centers around, you guessed it, security. Whether you are a novice about tech security or know all the ins and outs of the tech world, Security Now has a lot of great information just for you in your everyday life.

In their most recent episode, “Life: Hanging By A Pin,” Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte discuss an important security aspect that has to do with your finances; credit. If you’ve been around long enough to make some money, you’ve probably heard of a credit score. This score means the difference between a low or high APR (Annual Percentage Rate) when needing a loan to purchase anything from a car to a house to a credit card. If your credit score is good, above 700, creditors are more confident in your ability to pay them back, which would make the APR generally lower. 

But what happens to your score if someone opens a line of credit in your name and you know nothing about it? Uh-oh is what. There are unfortunate situations where someone commits credit fraud. According to Experian, credit fraud is defined as:

The criminal use of someone else's personal credentials, as well as their credit standing, to borrow money or use credit cards to purchase goods or services with no intention of repaying the debt. Credit card fraud is the most prevalent type of identity theft.

If you’ve never thought about your credit being a threat to your financial security, think again. Credit fraud could severely impact your life and financial future. What you might have thought was a squeaky clean credit score may actually be in the dumps from an online thief, and it could be tough to recover from. Thankfully you have Steve, Leo, and Security Now to help you know the risks and fight them.

Steve Gibson talks about the option of protecting yourself by freezing your credit with the four (that’s right, you read it) four credit agencies. Equifax, Experian, TransUnion, and the unfortunate new Innovis. When you freeze your credit, any entity cannot look at your credit, nor can they open a line of credit unless you unfreeze it for them.

As Leo demonstrated in the podcast episode, he could get right into Innovis and freeze his credit with Innovis, all within 5 minutes. It’s straightforward and simple. 

In the future, should you need to take out a loan for anything, you will need to unfreeze your credit so lenders can look at your credit history. This isn’t too hard to do, and as Steve explains, you can release your credit temporarily. They even have options to lift the freeze for a certain amount of days, or even better, you can give a one-time use pin to the individual checking your credit, and it will be locked up tight right after. Steve mentioned how in the past, individuals used to have to pay to freeze their credit, but it’s now free for all.  

If this hasn’t given you the incentive to check and secure your credit, I don’t know what will, but you can always find new important security measures and what’s going on in the world of cyber security every week on Security Now. Steve and Leo truly have their finger on the pulse.

My Morning Mantra for Work

Every morning I follow a routine to reset myself before I begin the day.  I focus on my health and well-being first.  Then I focus on others, the world, and appreciate the day.  I read a few mantras to remind me of who I am and how I want to live my life.

My Work Mantra:

Lead with Compassion, Integrity, Thoughtfullness

Listen - THINK - Before Responding

Lower My Voice (just because I'm super loud)

Laugh - Practice Kindness

Get Shit Done!



Kick-Ass - You've Got This!

Meet My Goals

Challenge Myself

Learn Something New


Always Be Better!

Thursday, August 26, 2021

How to Find The Best Leads For Selling Your Podcast

I have mentioned in past articles the challenge that selling can pose. It’s a lot of work and time, and if you have a sales team in your company, they deserve a pat on the back. After all, they are the ones that make the money that contributes to your paycheck. In podcast advertising, it’s important to understand that you can’t sell to just any entity. Here are four ways to find the best leads for selling in podcast advertising.

Who Else Is Advertising?

If you look into other podcasts, you can see who they have advertising during their shows. This is a great place to start. If they purchased ads for other podcasts, there is a good chance they may advertise on yours.


Researching the company you may want to pitch is always a good idea. What is their reputation? Take a look at reviews from multiple sources to better understand what others think and whether or not you should move forward with contacting them.

Do They Align?

You could find a company with great reviews and actively advertising, but if they don’t appeal to your audience, it’s not a good fit. Try to find products and services that truly align with who’s listening to your podcast. That way, you can rule out the ones that don’t.

Get Help From An Agency

There are times when you don’t have to do all of the work yourself. Agencies are just as eager to find companies who are advertising and who will help provide you names. They’ll even go so far as to make sure they align with your audience. If you’re not sure where to get started, check out these agencies to get started: Ad Results Media, Authentic, Oxford, PHD Worldwide, Right Side Up, Veritone.

Essentially finding the best leads in podcast advertising is working smarter and not harder. Find out who is actively advertising on other networks and platforms, see if they align with your podcast’s audience, and do your research. You’ll be selling more in no time! 

Sunday, August 8, 2021

How to Keep a Client Happy

 When we think of keeping people happy, we have a tendency to overthink it. The same thing applies to your clients. It’s not as complicated as you might think, but there are some important things to consider.

Present Clear Terms and Expectations

When starting out the relationship between yourself/your company and your client, it’s important to be clear about what you offer. For example, someone will generally not be pleased if they expect a yacht and get a canoe. This is an extreme example, but the point is that making sure the client knows what to expect is the first step to ensuring their happiness.

Be Consistent & Do What You Say You Will

Once your client has signed on with you, consistency is key, whatever your product or service might be. One of the easiest ways to keep clients happy is to deliver. You are showing them they can count on you, and many times that is everything for a client! If they have had bad experiences in the past with inconsistency from whom they’ve hired, finding a company that is tried and true will make them so happy.

Be Hospitable

Sometimes clients will have requests and may ask for something. Instead of shooting them down, consider the request and if you can possibly make it happen. If you can, they will feel special. If it’s not something that can be accomplished, be kind in your response. Give an explanation and help them understand rather than using a curt “no.”

Anticipate Their Needs

When you begin to learn the ins and outs of your clients' needs, you have an opportunity to wow them. Knowing what they need and having it accomplished before they have to ask will show them not only your commitment to them but also your value.

Listen To Them

This task is probably the easiest to accomplish, but it’s probably one of the things that people miss the most. Listening to your clients will help you understand what they want with your services. Everything you do should revolve around what they are telling you. This is going to make them happy because you are respecting their wishes.

When considering how to keep clients happy, hospitality, consistency, and listening are key. No matter what, your clients are special to you, and you should treat them that way. When they are happy, they will keep coming back for more.