Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Why You Should Join Club TWiT Even If You’re New

Whether you are a longtime TWiT listener or a newbie, you might be interested in what we have going on behind the scenes. Our wonderful hosts and their content are really just part of what TWiT has to offer. The tech world is massive. Your computer, smartphone, and smartwatch skim the surface of the tech world, including the people who are connected to it. launched Club TWiT this year and it's really taken the hosts and their fans to an entirely different level of awesomeness. With Club TWiT, you'll have access to members-only content, TWiT's Discord channel, and ad-free podcasts. Someone who's still getting to know TWiT might ask: What's in it for me if I join Club TWiT? The answer is a tech community. Once you have joined the Club, you will step into a whole new world.

Ad-Free Podcasts Ad-free podcasts are fantastic. Let's face it, ad-free anything really can make a difference in your listening or watching experience for any platform. You can listen or watch without being interrupted.

Members Only Content What do you do when you find a celebrity, actor, or public personality you love? Learn all about them, of course! And one of the most incredible features of Club TWiT is getting to know our hosts on an entirely different level. Watch the Ask Me Anything and Fireside Chats where TWiT's own Hands-On Photography host, Ant Pruitt, interviews the network's hosts. Get to know the people you love beyond what they talk about on the shows.  Also, do not miss the Untitled Linux show on Saturdays with Jonathan Bennett and Stacey Higginbotham's Book Club.

Discord You can watch TWiT's shows live and chat with other listeners.  You can even ask hosts questions that they might even take on the air!  Best of all, there are so many places for discussions, and you can chat with other techies. There is literally something for everyone.

The best part of Club TWiT is that it's a tech community.  Join now!