Thursday, January 26, 2023

Give Us Your Feedback - Take the 2023 Survey


It's not rocket science why podcasts have begun to dominate the media landscape. Podcasts are readily available and accessible to anyone with a listening device; most people can multitask while listening, and, most importantly, podcasts build community. And if anyone knows about podcast communities, it's (If you haven't already, join us at Club TWiT, where you can chat with hosts and producers, be the first to know about special events, plus so much more.)

You've heard how much we love our audience, which is unquestionably true. Our loyal listeners make TWiT the best and longest-running tech podcast network. We love to hear feedback about what listeners look forward to hearing, what they don't like, how they prefer to listen, all of it! The more we can do to enhance our listeners' experience, the better.  

Right now, the 2023 TWiT Audience Survey is available. This annual survey helps us get a clear, general idea of our audience. It allows us to make better programming decisions and pick advertisers you'd be interested in. We want to assure everyone that we do not identify you in any way and only use the aggregate information from the survey responses. (For example, "More than 60% of our audience are in management level or higher.") We know many of you take privacy very seriously, and we respect that. 

Please take the survey before it closes on January 31, 2023.

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Are You Ready for Growth? What Partner's Receive With A Campaign On Our Network


2023 is here. Is your brand ready? It's the season of new beginnings, but it's also the season of celebration, and as the year begins, we're reflecting on all the fantastic growth we cultivated in 2022. At, we take pride in partnering with trustworthy brands from which our audience can benefit. On the flip side, we go above and beyond to ensure our partners' campaigns are impactful and effective. Why? It's a symbiotic relationship that serves the greater good and ultimately allows us to continue delivering free, trusted content.   

Our audience receives up-to-date tech news, analysis and commentary, how-to's, and so much more from our network, so what do our partners receive? We spare no effort when it comes to running a campaign. We work tirelessly to provide relevant content to our listeners, including how we introduce products and services from our partners. We utilize our insider knowledge to guide partners on how to craft a message that will truly resonate with our listeners. 

From copywriting to graphics, we can flexibly create the professional content any brand wants to showcase audibly and visually. Our full-service ad team is available every step of the way, from the beginning conversation to 60 days after a campaign is complete. We closely monitor each ad read to ensure each brand is portrayed the exact way they want. Throughout the campaign, our team checks in to confirm everyone is satisfied.

We don't stop there. Partners have a presence on our Network sponsor page, individual show episode pages, and in RSS feed episode descriptions. Courtesy commercials are created in-house and can be provided after every ad read (and used anywhere besides paid media). Partners receive social media promotion on Inside TWiT social media accounts and a feature in our newsletter. Podsights attribution tracking is complimentary to our direct clients and available for all. 

Ready to elevate your business and work with the best tech podcast network's highly qualified audience? Reach out to us at today to secure your spot in 2023.