Tuesday, October 9, 2018

2019 Advertising Sales are Open - Reach a Highly Engaged Tech-Savvy Audience

Here at Artisanal Agency, our focus is on creating quality partnerships between podcasters and advertisers. Artisanal Agency is a full-service podcast advertising agency that was founded by Lisa Laporte to help tech podcast networks keep their content free of charge and accessible through ad sponsorship. Thanks to podcast ads, podcasters can keep their content free for their audiences and better serve them.

A big part of ensuring that tech podcast networks are able to continue providing quality content to their listeners is through successful ad sponsorships on those podcasts. As we mentioned above, Artisanal Agency helps make this goal a reality. In order for Artisanal Agency to successfully pair sponsors and podcast networks, we plan ahead for the upcoming year.

What should advertisers do?

Right now, Artisanal Agency has secured $3M in podcast sale upfronts and anticipates starting the year with $6M in upfront sales. Sponsors are already securing podcasts that they want to be connected to in the upcoming year. If you’re an advertiser who wants to sponsor quality podcasts, the next few weeks are prime time to secure ads, particularly if you’re interested in advertising on TWiT.tv, Leo and Lisa Laporte’s content company.

If you’re an advertiser looking for inventory on podcasts, you can visit Artisanal Agency’s website and get in touch about the possibility of advertising on TWiT.tv. These podcasts revolve around the tech industry, and our listeners are tech-savvy, decision-makers; the perfect audience for advertisers looking for great ROI on their sponsorships. You can reach out to hello@artisanalagency.com for more information.

At Artisanal Agency and TWiT.tv, we aim to work with reputable and innovative advertisers that we, and our listeners, can trust. Another reason to secure your sponsorship in our podcasts as soon as possible is that we run a thorough vetting process for all of our advertisers to make sure we’re only working with and promoting high-integrity companies, who offer services and products that will benefit our audiences. If you want to ensure your ads are well-placed before the upcoming year, now is the time to find podcasts to sponsor.

To create the best ad experience, Artisanal Agency works closely with sponsors to make sure our campaigns are seamless. We have a great onboarding process, quality ad copywriting, and talented graphic designers. We feature personalized, host-read ads, which have proven effective for B2B and B2C sponsors.

Artisanal Agency’s track record

If you’re interested in learning more about how advertisers have fared working with Artisanal Agency and TWiT.tv, take a look at our client testimonials.

Founder and CEO of ITProTV Tim Broom says, “We sincerely thank the TWiT network, especially Leo and Lisa. Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today. This year we’ll exceed $12M in sales, we have over 70 employees, and we continue to grow each year. It’s because of the TWiT network, our main source of advertising and marketing to get our audience.”

Robb Eng, from Freshbooks, says “TWiT has been a fantastic long-term partner...and TWiT’s network reach has helped both build awareness of our product while driving acquisition to meet our business objectives.”

Another agency, who TWiT.tv has worked with for many years, is Michael Guarnieri of Nu Media Mix LLC. Guarnieri made this statement about working with Lisa Laporte and TWiT.tv and said that they are “selective and thoughtful in their approach and take the time to absorb, understand, and then frame a brand message that benefits the audience.”

Artisanal Agency and TWiT.tv have also had the pleasure of working with other great advertisers such as Audible, Carbonite, LastPass, and WordPress. Reach out today and secure your advertising spot with TWiT.tv!