Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Panel Podcasts Have A Lot of Advantages

Podcasts come in so many different genres, shapes, and colors it’s hard to even know where to start. There is one type of podcast, however, that everyone should really give a chance to, and it’s one that features a panel of people. Podcasts that feature a panel of experts are great for a few reasons. 

A Well Rounded Look 

If you have experts from different walks of life, you’re really going to get coverage on a topic from a lot of different angles. For example, the TWiT podcast, This Week In Tech starring Leo Laporte includes other tech journalists and sometimes an attorney or another tech expert to cover the hottest tech stories of the week. You’re not just getting the opinion of one side, you’re able to see views from all angles. 

Perpetual vs Alternate 

Some panels will have different experts each week with the same host, while others may have the same panel each week. Both have their advantages. For those who feature different people each week, guests can really give richness to topics that may have been covered in past episodes. This is great for audiences who have been listening for some time and adds to the knowledge they’ve acquired. For those with the same panelists every week, there is a comfort between the individuals that allow for healthy debate. If you don’t know someone as well, you may not be as inclined to disagree.

It’s Not Just One Person 

Single-hosted podcasts can be great! It’s an intimate relationship between the host and their audience, but there are great things about panels in that you hear more than one opinion.

The next time you’re searching for a podcast that brings you news and perspective from multiple angles, check out You’re going to find tech journalists and experts who really know the ins and outs of the tech world. Their discussions have listeners tuning in every week because they love the dynamics and information that every episode brings to them.