Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Looking for a Tech Podcast? Check out TWiT.tv


So Many Options

The TWiT network is home to 13 technology podcasts, breaking news, special events, and a Tech Break feed that brings you daily tech updates in smaller bites.  Whatever kind of tech you’re into, there’s always a show for you. 

Tech News 

TWiT is tech journalist central! You will get expert reporting about the latest tech and a deep dive analysis of what it all means. TWiT hosts are experts at explaining how tech impacts the world. 

Well Rounded 

One of the greatest things about learning is how it can happen through discussion. Yes, our network reports the news, but it goes beyond reporting and feels like you’re hanging out and learning with your friends. On most shows, there is an expert panel of journalists that hash out the topics together. Through their back and forths, you will start critically thinking about the tech world and how it relates to you. You’re getting perspectives from all sides as our panelists are passionate and opinionated experts.

More Than An Average Podcast 

While you might be an avid podcast listener, TWiT.tv gives you the option to listen or watch!  Video is especially exciting when our hosts are showcasing the latest tech while giving you a visual experience. For instance, our show Hands-On Photography gives its audience the ability to see and learn while Ant Pruitt explains the many different aspects of the photography world.  Whether you are an Android or an Apple user, the shows All About Android and IOS Today help you navigate and dig into Android and iOS.  To wrap up the week and start your Monday morning commute, our biggest show, This Week in Tech, hosted by Leo Laporte, rotates expert journalists weekly to cover the biggest tech stories.

Get It Anyway You Want It 

Life gets busy, and consuming podcasts can be flexible. Listen when you’re busy around the house, driving in your car, commuting, or when you want to be entertained. You can listen/watch on-demand or check out the TWiT Live stream as it’s on 24/7. 

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