Tuesday, September 27, 2022

TWiT.tv Sales Process Overview

Our sales process is extensive at TWiT.tv because we want to ensure our audience can benefit from the partners we sign to our network.  

First, we start with a conversation. Before we dive into budgets and timing, we need to hear from our potential partners about their advertising needs and goals. Since I own a sales agency and have placed buys on several other podcast networks for my direct clients, I find that no one asks questions. Why not? It's crucial to listen to your potential partners and then decide if a campaign makes sense. Plus, the potential partner must have services/products that will benefit our audience. Hence why we start with a conversation. We also ask about their existing and past campaigns and cover the features and benefits of working with TWiT.

Next, we check in with our production team and build out our ideas based on our team's feedback, results from other partner campaigns, and using our notes from our initial conversation. Once ideas are presented, we scale up or down based on what the partner wants to do and execute the IO.

We take time to set up new partner campaigns. We help them build their ad copy, implement Podsight's pixels, and schedule a host call to ask questions before campaigns begin. We find that our extra care continuously improves messaging and builds excitement with our team and partner. We constantly improve ad copy on onboarding calls, and our partners can ask for updates weekly. 

Lastly, podcast ads need time to reach their full impact. Think about it, we drop an ad. You need to give it time for our audience to download the episode, listen to it, and then act. It can take 8 - 15 advertising touchpoints to entice a fan to make a purchase. We recommend waiting 8 weeks after every ad drops to gauge traction. 

Interested in partnering with us? Reach out - advertise@twit.tv.


Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Why TWiT? Because TWiT's Host-Read Ads Stand Out


Sponsoring TWiT's innovative podcasts puts your brand in front of an affluent, highly-engaged, tech-savvy audience with one-click purchasing power. TWiT only partners with sponsors who have products/services that will benefit their audience. Read client testimonials here: Advertise with TWiT.

TWiT's podcasts are in audio/video formats, except for new shows, allowing for product or service demos. Our full-service continuity team will care for your copywriting, graphics, and editing needs.

85% of listeners made a purchase based on a TWiT host-read ad

99% listen to most or the entire podcast

87% are involved in their company's tech/IT decision-making process

TWiT believes in delivering powerful host-read ads that properly introduce a sponsor's products/services to its audience. Overdelivery on impressions is guaranteed as all ads are embedded. Sponsorship promotion appears on TWiT's sponsor page, show episode page, and RSS feed. Newsletter and social media promotion is included, and courtesy commercials on video shows are provided with every ad read.

Are you ready to grow your business?

Reach out today to advertise@twit.tv and start your powerful campaign with TWiT.tv and have your products/services promoted by its expert hosts.

Monday, June 27, 2022

Ridiculously Insecure Digital Driver’s License

 Sometimes the news shared on the podcast Security Now is baffling. Take, for example, driver's licenses. Driver's licenses aren't usually considered insecure, but Australia has effectively made it so with the New South Whales Digital Driver's License ("DDL"). This story has extended to the most recent SN podcasts 873 and 874.

The first episode has Steve explaining what the DDL is and how poorly it is secured. Released in 2019, the DDL is currently being used by approximately 70% of the population, which means 3.9 million people have opted into using it.

The New South Wales government has touted the DDL as "difficult to counterfeit," but that is far from the truth. A hacking group called DVULN, known for pen testing and secure application development, revealed many security issues with the DDL.

DVULN found that DDL data can be manipulated and used to create fraudulent digital identities. In other words, if bad actors were interested in altering data, they could potentially do it straight from the NSW government's iOS app! One of the testers went so far as to prove that this is a problem publicly.

But how do we know the information on DDLs is already being altered? Itnews.com.au reported, "Farmer observed that social media users reported that a number of underage people were using fake DDLs that are easy to make to visit drinking establishments in the state."

There wasn't a formal response from the New South Wales government when Steve first brought the situation to Security Now fans, but by episode 874, there was a response that Steve found to be lacking.

The NSW rebuttal states that this issue is not a risk, that no other customer data or data source has been compromised, and that the licenses are hard to forge. And, by the way, altering a DDL is against the law.

In both episodes, Steve gives us the rundown as to why the security systems for DDLs that are in place are not enough and, even more importantly, that real-world physical driver's license counterfeiting is far more challenging to accomplish.

An exasperated Steve says, "Apparently now we believe digital, over 'real world,' 'old school' physical."

Check out both of these and future episodes of Security Now

Monday, May 23, 2022

Hands-On Photography (HOP) and Its Host Ant Pruitt


Sometimes there are learning opportunities right in front of us. Maybe you're someone who thinks they need to attend a school or a particular class, but how about a free alternative - podcasting. You can listen to or watch a podcast on TWiT.tv. Our resident photographer, Ant Pruit, host of Hands-On Photography, is a credit to photographers everywhere. Every Thursday, Ant shares stunning photos and provides quick tutorials. He also invites expert guests to appear on his show and offers essential tips and tricks for the beginner or expert photographer.

One of his favorite things is getting fan feedback and answering photography questions. In episode #128, Ant answered the following question: "I have a Mac but am looking for a PC for holding and editing my photos only. I don't want to spend a lot of money. I have an area set up to transfer or scan my pictures. What are my best options?" 

Ant does more than answer inquiries with a "one size fits all" approach. He runs the gamut of low-end to high-end options. Ant gives his fans the confidence to accomplish their photography and editing goals. Ant wants you to enjoy photography as much as he does. 

Feel free to peruse the HOP episodes, especially those that include guests like Terrell Lloyd, the NFL's San Francisco 49ers team photographer, and Laretta Houston, one of the most popular fashion and marketing photographers in the world! 

There's something new and fun every week. Make sure to subscribe to Hands-On Photography, and if you want more Ant Pruit, check out Club TWiT and This Week In Google.

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

This Week in Space Is Here & Going Strong

The TWiT.tv Network is proud to announce our newest audio podcast, TWIS! This Week In Space premiered on Friday, March 4th, and TWiT fans are excited. Tech and space are incredibly connected, and we thought a show with experts Rod Pyle and Tariq Malik was the beginning of something intergalactically extraordinary. 

The first episode did not disappoint either. It was interesting to get a new perspective on the war in Ukraine and how space politics are just as much a part of this conflict as regular politics. We also heard about the 3 tons of space junk landing on the moon's far side and the inside scoop on atomic rockets!

Since the first episode, TWIS has received some much-deserved attention! It made the Top 10 New Shows to listen to on Apple Podcasts, so don’t just take our word for it, it’s impressive, and Apple says so too.

As TWIS has settled in, Rod and Tariq continue to bring you the space headlines, a little space history, random facts about star names, light-years, and all the fantastic knowledge to infinity and beyond!

If you haven’t listened yet, all 7 episodes are ready for you to binge right now wherever you get your podcasts! Don’t miss another episode. Subscribe today! You don’t have to be a space junky or astrophysicist to understand the content - Tariq and Rod will explain it all. 


Sunday, February 27, 2022

This Week in Space Lanches Friday, March 4th


Space. The Final Frontier. Our fascination with our universe extends beyond the unknown.  Space exploration and space travel are taking over, and everyone is reaching for the moon or Mars.  

Space and technology go hand in hand.  It’s why TWiT has a new audio-only podcast on this exciting topic. Introducing  This Week In Space, a new podcast covering all the hot galaxy news lighting up the headlines. Hosts Rob Pyle, the Editor-in-Chief for Ad Astra Magazine, and Space.com’s Tariq Malik will dive into the weekly news, conduct interviews with experts, and take you on a deep dive into humanity’s most incredible adventure.

TWIS will have new episodes every Friday, launching on March 4, 2022, to the public.  If you are interested in listening to our beta episodes, join Club TWiT.  All new TWiT shows will be beta-tested in our Club before releasing to the public. 

Saturday, February 26, 2022

The Tech Impact - When Russia invaded Ukraine

 When Jason Howell said, “Vladimir Putin launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine” on Tech News Weekly, it was a sobering moment. Is it newsworthy? Absolutely. But what is the tech angle?

Jason mentioned, “digital warfare plays a huge part in this conflict.” Ukrainian banks and government agencies were hit with a new malware called Wiper, which essentially wipes data and makes it unrecoverable. In other words, Russia is conducting cyber warfare as part of its attack strategy. 

On Tuesday’s Security Now episode, Steve Gibson discusses this in more detail, explaining Russia’s precursor to war in the form of cyberattacks on Ukraine the week before.  He provides context by giving us a cyberattack play-by-play for deeper insight into how the attacks occurred with Russia using Denial of Service Attacks. 

Mainstream news can impact the tech world, whether it's an exciting release of the newest smartphone or the impact from the Russia/Ukraine War.  Tech is integrated into almost everything, and it’s essential to understand how.

Subscribe to Tech News Weekly and Security Now or visit TWiT.tv and subscribe to your favorite shows.