Monday, March 25, 2024 Excel's At Making Our Partner's Ads Stand Out

 At TWiT, we excel at making our partner's ads stand out.

Our comprehensive continuity team includes:

★ **Copywriting**: Crafting compelling ad scripts to ensure your podcast ad stands out.

★ **Graphics**: Enhancing your lower third graphics to captivate viewers of our content.

★ **Production**: Shooting high-quality B-roll footage to leverage in your ad.

Our commitment to you with every paid minimum campaign:

★ Over-delivery of ad impressions through embedded placements.

★ Prominent presence on our sponsor page, show episode page, and in our RSS feed description.

★ Courtesy commercials available for use across all platforms except paid media.

★ Social media promotion on TWiT's X, Facebook, and LinkedIn channels.

★ Quarterly promotion in our weekly newsletter reaching over 14K fans.

★ Inclusion in our RSS feed description for all shows published in Club TWiT, reaching over 11K fans.

Are you ready to grow with us? Reach out to us at

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Top Five Ways You Can Support Your Favorite Podcasts/Podcast Networks

Here are the top five ways you can support your favorite podcasts/podcast networks:

Subscribe, subscribe, subscribe - and then listen/watch what you download. Remember, you can listen while cooking, exercising, driving, commuting, or doing a mundane task to keep your mind fresh, entertained, and educated.

Support podcast sponsors - simply visiting a sponsor's website and making a purchase is not enough. Use your podcast's offer code or visit their landing page so the podcaster gets credit. Less than 60% of TWiT's audience uses them based on our 2024 survey. If it were 100%, brands would know where you heard about them from.

Join podcast clubs or pay for your content. It costs money to make content. Have you ever heard how many people produce one episode of NPR's Upfirst? I understand they are public radio with deep pockets. Small/independent podcasters do more with less. Here at TWiT, we only have a handful of producers, and we produce fourteen shows. It takes the combined efforts of our hosts and producers to make it all happen, and they do not work for free. Fan support helps, especially since advertising has dwindled. TWiT fans can sign up here:

Reshare your favorite podcast episodes on social or repost your favorite podcast's posts. By sharing content, you help increase awareness and introduce your followers to the content you love. TWiT fans can follow us on YouTube, Facebook, X (@TWiT), Instagram (, TikTok (@twittok), Bluesky (, or apply to join our Mastodon.

Lastly, tell a friend! Word of mouth is one of the most powerful forms of advertising. If you enjoy content, tell a friend about it. Community is what makes podcasting great. Well, that and fantastic content.

Monday, February 26, 2024

What it Takes to Measure a Podcast Campaign

Here is what it takes to properly measure podcast campaigns:

1. Set the expectation that podcast ads can take up to eight weeks to reach their most significant impact. Podcasts are on-demand, meaning fans download episodes and listen when they want to. You cannot expect to receive a lot of traction the day after a podcast ad drops. You must give fans time to download an episode, listen to it, and then act on it. Here at, most of a show's downloads occur in the first few weeks, which doesn't mean it was heard immediately. That's why we set the expectation that every ad that drops takes eight weeks because you have to allow for this process to happen.

2. Review the ad impressions that are provided to you during the campaign. This will show you how many episodes have been downloaded and will give you an idea of when ads were served. At TWiT, we update our reporting documents every Friday with audio, video, and YouTube impressions. This provides brands with how many downloads have happened and how many more are needed to fully satisfy the contracted impressions.

3. If you set up a unique landing page or offer code, review these metrics and remember that podcasts are on-demand. It will take time for fans to act.

4. Use podcast ad tech. Here at TWiT, we offer Spotify Ad Analytics (SAA), which is free and tracks our audio episodes only. We also offer Podscribe because they track video and audio, but we do not cover the cost. Ad tech will provide brands with insights on who downloaded an episode with their ad in it. This allows brands to track an IP address for 60 days and match it to those who visited its website. Because SAA only tracks audio, we provide a gross-up to count video downloads. We highly recommend using ad tech to see the traction of how many unique listeners visited a brand's website. We highly recommend this at TWiT because our fans are tech-savvy and will not visit landing pages or search for offer codes to get a discount. Our fans will google the brand's name and go straight to their website, and most of the time the offer is the same as a landing page. This is where ad tech can help provide metrics on traffic because you honestly can't track offer codes/landing pages to measure traction.

5. Advertise elsewhere. Be sure to pair your podcast campaign with other forms of advertising because it can take 7 - 15 touchpoints to convert a fan into a client. We recommend advertising in other podcasts, radio, TV, newsletters, social media, banners, and Google ads.

6. Brands must implement post-purchase surveys. This is the one tool left out of several campaigns, and it must be there. We recommend, and there are plenty of others. This will show brands where fans heard about them after making the purchase.

Therefore, it takes more than one tool to gauge the success of a podcast campaign. We understand that ad tech can be invasive, and some brands choose to leave this out. That's fine so long as you implement all the other tools. If not, consider your podcast campaign to be a branding campaign because you cannot focus on one metric. It takes multiple tools to truly gauge the success of a campaign. If you sign up for a test utilizing these tools and you see traction, my recommendation is to renew for the next quarter because you are reaching fans who are interested in your brand, and traction/conversions should continue to increase.

If you are interested in partnering with us, then please reach out to, and let's schedule a call to discuss your growth goals.

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Host-Read Ads Stand Out


Host-read ads are superior to voice talent ads in podcast advertising. My podcast, Host-Read Ads, was created about a year ago to educate brands about this.

Even Spotify admits that host-read ads outperform other ads due to the audience's emotional connection and trust in the host. As podcast advertising gained popularity, host-read ads became advertisers' preferred format. However, voice talent podcast ads (read by actors and producers) have become increasingly popular with agencies.

Here are three reasons why you need to prioritize networks that offer host-read ads over voice talent ads:

1. The audience prefers to hear the ad read from the host, not from someone else. Listeners will pay closer attention to a host-read ad.

2. A host-read ad is more effective in creating an emotional connection with the audience because they trust the host with content, so they will trust the host with an ad read.

3. A longer interstitial host-read ad allows hosts to tell an engaging story about the brand, including testimonials, features and benefits, and a compelling reason why a listener would want to consider the brand. This drive conversions.

Brands may want to scale with voice talent ads due to their lower cost; however, they differ from host-read ads in response and pricing.

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Podcast Ad Copy Must Have a Compelling CTA

According to Google, there are over 5 million podcasts with over 70 million episodes between them as of 2023. Spotify alone has around 5 million podcast titles on its platform. This is a HUGE amount, considering our podcast network holds 18 of the 20 years podcasting has been around. Let this sink in: millions of podcasts are out there, so why would a brand use an archaic Call-To-Action to attract attention?

When it comes to your brand's CTA, you must consider this:

1. Is your brand in a crowded space? Brands need to be aware of their competition and decide whether to take on established clientele OR go after new business. It is essential to think about your strategy and identify who you want to target before looking for podcast networks to advertise with. Brands must determine who they want to reach - industry, job title, company size, etc.

2. What sets your product/service apart from competitors? Focus on case studies, the features, and the benefits of why your product/service can be trusted - will it save time, money, clients, and more? If you think your brand is the best, you must deliver this to podcast audiences.

3. Give podcast audiences time to test your product/service OR offer a discount. Examples: 30-day free trial, 10% off an annual purchase, 3 months free with a yearly purchase, 30% off your first order, and 10% off after that, etc. Be sure your CTA is compelling AND something you can live with for a long time, or be explicit on how long the sale will last. Always air on the side of generosity. It will pay off tenfold when purchasers recall your brand.

Brands need to identify their target client and what they want to say to them before buying podcast ads. has been around since 2005, and we help our partners meet their growth goals. If you are interested in advertising with us because you want the gold standard, please email, and we will get back to you ASAP.

Monday, December 18, 2023

Sales Tip - Listen, Learn and Practice Your Skills

I will always emphasize the importance of continuous skill expansion, practice, and knowledge improvement for ongoing success in sales. When I started in sales and was buying podcasts for direct clients, I was only asked how much money I had to spend and that they would tell me what to buy. I was not asked questions like what are your growth goals, who are you trying to reach, etc. Therefore everyone needs to remember that sales is about being the guide for a brand on helping them reach their growth goals.

Stay relevant in sales with my five tips:

1. Listen to podcasts that enhance selling skills, such as "The Advanced Selling Podcast," to learn and reinforce new skills relevant to your industry.

2. Read books on improving your sales and communication skills and on active listening.

3. Engage in networking and join sales groups online or in person, like those on LinkedIn, to meet others in the sales space, learn from their processes, and brainstorm ideas.

4. Consider hiring a sales coach or finding a mentor to challenge you, keep your skills relevant, and expand your skills.

5. Practice pitching with other salespeople.

Remember that sales are not all about pitching or selling. It is genuinely about solving problems for others and guiding them to success. When prospecting for new business, focus on listening to potential clients and understanding their needs to increase your chances of working with new partners.

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Understanding and Measuring the Success of Your Podcast Campaigns

 I've realized that many of our partners and brands often need help to measure the success of a podcast campaign. It can be a complex process, requiring multiple tools to get it right. So, it's time to dive back into this topic and shed some light on the intricacies involved.

Firstly, let me give you a little context. Our network caters to a unique audience: they are tech-savvy, security and privacy-focused, affluent, and highly educated. These folks live and breathe tech, and they demand a different kind of approach. Traditional marketing tactics won't easily sway them. Instead, they require something more sophisticated that respects their tech-literate nature and privacy-conscious mindset.

Now, when it comes to measuring success, there are a few tools and techniques that I highly recommend. One of these is setting up a custom landing page or offer code for our network. Why? Because it helps you track conversions more accurately. Our intelligent audience won't mindlessly follow an ad toward a brand's website. Instead, they might Google the brand and go directly to the website. And if they make a purchase there, you can only trace it back to our network if you've set up a custom landing page or offer code.

Another critical tool in your arsenal should be Ad Tech. We're partnered with Spotify ad analytics and Podscribe. Using these tools lets you get insights into how much traffic our network drives to your website. But remember, measuring success takes time. Podcast ads take time and do not yield immediate results. An ad can take up to eight weeks to reach its total impact. Patience is required.

Lastly, I want to remind you of something crucial: while we strive to provide you with the best advice and tools to drive traffic to your website, the ultimate responsibility of converting that traffic into sales lies with you, the brand. Our job is to help you attract the right audience, but converting that audience into customers? That's all on you. We are only advertising. We are not your sales team.

I hope these insights have given you a better understanding of measuring podcast campaign success. We're always here to help and guide you. So, don't hesitate to contact us at Let's talk about your growth goals, and we'll provide you with the honest, actionable advice you need to succeed.