Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Successful Brands Work Directly With Podcast Networks


Being a leader in the podcasting industry since 2008, I know firsthand that brands would benefit more if they worked directly with podcast networks. Established networks, like ours, TWiT.tv, understand what it takes for brands to be successful in podcasting. 

Unfortunately, most agencies that buy across thousands of podcasts do not implement the proper tools for successful campaigns. Instead of wasting marketing money, we know how to position brands properly on our network and help brands meet or exceed their growth goals. 

Here are four reasons why brands should buy direct.

1. Agencies do not implement ALL the tools to gauge podcast campaigns successfully - brands need to implement ad tech to measure proper attribution, have a compelling CTA with a custom landing page, and implement a post-purchase survey. Networks like ours know this.

2. When brands go direct, they can obtain a better deal. Podcast networks will offer discounts and extras and do more for a brand than an agency will to ensure their campaign succeeds.

3. Podcast networks can work with a brand on the exact frequency and messaging they need for ROI. Agencies do not follow our advice or listen to our show recommendations. We have a higher success rate with our direct clients than with agency clients.

4. Lastly, podcast networks know what a brand needs to thrive and grow in this space. Agencies are only focused on volume and buying across thousands of podcasts. Brands would save money by hiring an in-house podcast buyer who can partner with podcasts properly. Here at TWiT, we care about long-term partnerships and ad effectiveness because we want to grow with high-integrity brands.

If you are interested in advertising with TWiT.tv because you want the gold standard in podcast advertising, please email advertise@twit.tv, and let's have a conversation.