Monday, August 14, 2023

Setting Brand Expectations From Podcast Advertising - Part I


It's imperative to set brand expectations before starting a podcast campaign. In 2023, you can consume content in almost any format you want. While old media was fairly limited, today, there are numerous ways to consume information in any format you choose; podcasts, social media, online print & audio. Hardly anyone is consuming the same content, let alone the same way. The Internet has caused us to become a fragmented society, making it a challenge for brands to reach exactly who they want.

The first point to make when meeting with a brand is to set advertising expectations. Explore what marketing efforts they are doing now and understand where they came from. What have they done in the past that was successful? What wasn't successful? Is what's active now working for them? Do a deep dive into past and existing advertising campaigns because you'll need to qualitatively understand the brand's efforts to date.

It takes an average of 8 touchpoints to close a sale. If a brand wants to start a podcast campaign but does nothing else to market the brand, the campaign won't be successful, no matter who they partner with. Multiple platforms should be used in parallel with multiple marketing tools to reach the target audience, but they have to be the appropriate platforms. Spreading out marketing dollars without the right frequency and proper platforms will waste advertising dollars. Therefore, your first call with a new brand needs to be exploratory. Find out their pain points and focus on solving their growth goals before discussing campaign ideas.