Friday, August 11, 2023 - Dyanamic Ad Insertion & Host Read Ads: Part II


Here are the critical differences between host-read and dynamic ad insertion ads: Host-read ads are delivered by our broadcast journalist hosts during live shows, so each read is guaranteed to be unique every time. Our hosts provide insights, experience, and a personal or implied brand endorsement. Our goal is to further educate our fans about the sponsor's products and services and how they will benefit them directly. Because our fans trust our hosts, they genuinely listen to what hosts say about a product or service. You simply cannot buy trust, and since our host-read ads are done live, our partners receive live impressions for free, and our live recordings go into reruns, which means we serve additional free ads that our partners did not pay for. And you do not get this with DAI on our network. DAI ads are producer-read ads inserted directly into our shows in post-production. They are fifteen, thirty, or sixty seconds long and are always within these ranges. They are served until the promised download number is reached. DAI costs less than host-read ads, BUT they do not have the audience's trust. Both ads work, depending on what a client is looking for. DAI helps with global awareness, while host-read provides a story about the brand and helps solidify conversions. I recommend that our clients utilize both, as it takes multiple touchpoints to convert a fan, and the more ways you can reach people, the better. Here at, we care about brand goals and focus on what it takes to help them grow. If you are interested in working with us because you want the gold standard in podcast advertising, please email, and we will set up a time to chat about your growth goals.