Thursday, August 31, 2023

The Importance of Podcast Ad Copy


According to Google, there are over 5 million podcasts with over 70 million episodes between them as of 2023. Spotify alone has around 5 million podcast titles on its platform. This is a HUGE amount considering our podcast network has been here for 18 of the 20 years podcasting has been around. Let this sink in: there are millions of podcasts out there, so why would a brand use an archaic Call-To-Action to attract attention?

When it comes to your brand's CTA, you must consider this:

1. Is your brand in a crowded space? Brands need to be aware of their competition and decide if they want to take on established business clientele OR go after new business. It is important to think about your strategy and identify who you want to target before looking for podcast networks to advertise with. Brands must identify specifically who they want to reach - industry, job title, company size, etc.

2. What sets your product/service apart from competitors? Focus on case studies, the features, and the benefits of why your product/service can be trusted - will it save time, money, clients, and more? If you think your brand is the best, you must deliver this to podcast audiences.

3. Give podcast audiences time to test your product/service OR offer a discount. Examples: 30-day free trial, 10% off an annual purchase, 3 months free with an annual purchase, 30% off your first order, and 10% off thereafter, etc. Be sure your CTA is compelling AND something you can live with for a long time, or be explicit on how long the sale will be for. Be generous, it will pay off tenfold when purchasers recall your brand.

Brands need to spend identifying who their target client is and what they want to say to them before buying podcast ads. has been around since 2005, and we help our partners meet their growth goals. If you are interested in advertising with us because you want the gold standard in podcast advertising, then please email, and we can chat about your goals.