Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Why Testimonials Matter


Testimonials speak for themselves. Who better to prove that a business is legitimate than a satisfied customer? We live in a world where real customer testimonials are the unofficial stamp of approval that other consumers look for. That matters. Customers trust their peers to give unfiltered opinions on whether or not a product or service is worth its salt. 

Reputation is everything in any industry - would you trust a business with no reviews or case studies? Probably not. Positive reviews are one of the most powerful influences to attract your audience. Remember, too, that attention spans are shorter these days. Research shows that customers give roughly 15 seconds of attention before deciding to engage or move on to something else. Promoting a glowing, genuine testimonial can convince them to stick around and find out more. 

Testimonials are free, organic marketing tools that cost your advertising budget nothing. Honest customer reviews build irreplicable credibility for your brand, and credibility builds loyalty. Reviews can also showcase aspects of your business that your website might not highlight, like customer service. At, we love to create powerful ad reads that spotlight our excellent partners, including customer testimonials when and where we can. 

Positive reviews and testimonials have an incredible impact on building a brand's credibility and reputation. At the end of the day, testimonials humanize your brand. It's much easier to trust something that's been vouched for, and reading a solid review from a fellow human is the next best thing to trying it for yourself.  

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