Thursday, October 27, 2022

Enhancing Your Podcast Advertising Campaign with Ad Tech


At TWiT, our audience is affluent, sophisticated, privacy-focused, and tech-savvy. They typically don't visit landing pages - they google our partner names, and only those special few will remember to go to our custom landing page if they make a purchase. We know this because we annually survey our audience, receiving over 10,000 responses, and the truth is most do not bother with landing pages or offer codes. Since brands want to gauge traction from podcast campaigns, advertising technology gives them further insight into how many fans we send to their website.


We always vet our sponsors thoroughly to ensure they align with our values. Brands must also have products/services that will benefit our audience. We also do the same thing with our business partners. Currently, for TWiT’s ad tech, we are using Podsights.  Podsights' approach of combining downloads, site traffic, and cross-device data gives us an encompassing view of how our advertising campaigns perform. Since privacy is of the utmost importance to us and our audience, the only thing our partner sees is the traction to their website - meaning nothing about the IP address is being shared, only when someone downloaded an episode with their ad in it and went to their website.


We use this ad tech because we know that we send 3 times more traffic to partners' websites than landing page visits on direct response campaigns, and it's 6-7x greater on branding campaigns. Podsights works by tracking the IP address when an episode is downloaded with a partner's ad read in it. They then follow that IP address for 60 days to see if it visits our partner's website. We require our partners to place the pixel run-of-website to capture all traffic we send to it. This way, when our fans google our partner's name, they can see the traffic we send to their website.


One thing to remember is that Podsights can only track our audio feeds, and they must reject downloads outside of the US from cell towers and business IPs. They only track US household IP addresses. They then show a gross-up if they could count everything they ingested. They cannot count YouTube, Spotify, or any podcatcher without an API, and they do not ingest our video feeds. Therefore, we provide an additional gross-up to count ALL downloads we report to our partners.


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