Sunday, November 6, 2022

Client Testimonials - ITProTV &

We go the extra mile for our partners because we believe their services/products will ultimately benefit our audience.

Tim Broom, Founder of ITPro.TV has this to say about our partnership: 

"ITPro.TV would not be where it is today without the TWiT Network. We began marketing with them since day one. They were able to target the tech enthusiasts as well as the professionals that allowed us to market directly to consumers as well as people that are in the enterprise space. We've seen success on many different shows like Windows Weekly, MacBreak Weekly, of course Security Now, and This Week in TechMany years ago, I really started out as a fan of Leo and the TWiT Network. I always call him like 'the godfather of technology broadcast,' and I've become a consumer of many of the advertisements of the products that he talks about because I know that it comes from a trusted source, and he's always been very accurate in the way that he explains it. I end up buying products! When we started  ITPro.TV, I knew that that's the place that I wanted to go to first. Working with Lisa has really been fantastic. In fact, it spoiled us because we've tried to replicate the success we've had there on other networks, but the service that she gives us on giving us our reporting, helping us with ad copy, giving us advice, I always know she has our best interest in mind, and it's always been very helpful, and it's led to much more success for us. We sincerely thank the TWiT Network, especially Leo and Lisa, that's been very special to us because, without them, we wouldn't be where we are today. This year we will exceed 12 million in sales we have over 70 employees, and we continue to grow each year, and it's because of the TWiT Network. It's our main source of marketing and advertising to get our audience."

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