Thursday, November 10, 2022

The Proven Entrepreneur Interview


Recently I had the opportunity to talk with Don Williams, host of The Proven Entrepreneur. We discussed my beginnings leading up to becoming CEO of and integral parts of the sales landscape that affect our advertising today.

Take a peek at our conversation: 

Don: You have this deep, pureblood pedigree in finance, but somehow, you also picked up   what many people will consider being the opposite skill of sales. Tell us how you crossed that bridge. How did that happen?


Lisa: I am a lifelong learner, so being unafraid to try things was part of it. I tried a lot of things, but the one thing I applied to this process was integrity. I decided I was not going to overinflate what we can do. I was not going to oversell or over-promise anything. 

What I promised people was that we were going to guarantee these impressions, if not deliver more, because our ads are embedded, so our rate cards were discounted slightly on downloads. I was going to guarantee a qualified audience, so we started to survey the audience to find out more about them.


We were also going to guarantee the right impressions and get you in front of our audience. To me, it was all about super-serving our audience. I am only going to sign companies with high integrity that have products and services that will benefit my audience. That became my focus. Did I make a lot of mistakes? Yes, and I learned from them and realized that we treat everybody the same. We do not discount our rate card. We layer in value add, which is bonus ads with our advertisers. We always do a lot for our sponsors.

I’m not the only person at that has a background of multiple talents. Our phenomenal hosts come from a wide variety of professional expertise, and that’s what makes our network so unique and successful in so many fields. 


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