Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Advertising on Podcasts - They Work!


Let’s set the record straight - podcasts aren’t going anywhere. Podcast listening numbers have globally increased by 42% since the COVID-19 pandemic began, and the numbers continue to rise. Podcasts are the perfect place for advertisers to reach a more informed consumer with premium purchasing power. 

At TWiT.tv, we have a highly qualified and educated, tech-minded audience. Our podcasts are created to honor our audience’s credentials, meaning if we partner with a brand, they must align with our values and benefit our listeners. Our partners have the ongoing opportunity to reach new customers on a very intimate and engaged level via our host-read advertisement structure. And, because our ads are embedded, these customers can be reached anytime, anywhere across the globe for years to come.

Podcast ads are different than any other digital marketing medium out there. Unlike automatic ads interrupting a program, people enjoy listening to their host deliver a programmatic break. It offers an exclusive insight into something that the host and listener could potentially hold in common.

According to the Edison Research Super Listeners 2021 report, podcast ads are the most recalled type of advertisement. This was corroborated by 86% of respondents. Host-read ads like ours create memorable impressions with impactful audiences, which goes further than any dynamic or canned commercial could hope to get. 

Email us at advertise@twit.tv for more information about how we can elevate your business.