Thursday, October 13, 2022

Trust Doesn't Come Easily: Why Host Read Ads Work


Why do Host Read ads work? It all boils down to trust. Podcast audiences trust the hosts they listen to more than they would a pre-recorded or producer-read ad. Here at TWiT, our hosts are experienced, knowledgeable professionals with decades of experience; we don't take giving out tech advice lightly. Our hosts support our listeners by providing accurate, beneficial tech guidance, and we only partner with sponsors who align with our values. Our listeners know they can trust that whatever they hear on TWiT will bear their best interest in mind. 

Now, it takes a lot of work to ensure we partner with high-integrity sponsors - here at TWiT, we have a rigorous vetting process for all potential partners. We discuss their goals with our editorial team, as well as the entire overview of a campaign. Part of what sets us at the gold standard here at TWiT is providing white glove service and only signing those with products or services that benefit our audience.

Our listeners often become our partners. Founder of Thinkst Canary, Haroon Meer, says, “We expected TWiT to work well for us because we were long-time listeners who, over the years, bought many of the products and services we learned about on various shows. We were not disappointed. The combination of the very personal ad-reads, and the careful selection of products that TWiT largely believes in, gives the ads an authentic, trusted voice that works really well for products like ours. 10/10 - Will use again." 

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