Tuesday, September 27, 2022

TWiT.tv Sales Process Overview

Our sales process is extensive at TWiT.tv because we want to ensure our audience can benefit from the partners we sign to our network.  

First, we start with a conversation. Before we dive into budgets and timing, we need to hear from our potential partners about their advertising needs and goals. Since I own a sales agency and have placed buys on several other podcast networks for my direct clients, I find that no one asks questions. Why not? It's crucial to listen to your potential partners and then decide if a campaign makes sense. Plus, the potential partner must have services/products that will benefit our audience. Hence why we start with a conversation. We also ask about their existing and past campaigns and cover the features and benefits of working with TWiT.

Next, we check in with our production team and build out our ideas based on our team's feedback, results from other partner campaigns, and using our notes from our initial conversation. Once ideas are presented, we scale up or down based on what the partner wants to do and execute the IO.

We take time to set up new partner campaigns. We help them build their ad copy, implement Podsight's pixels, and schedule a host call to ask questions before campaigns begin. We find that our extra care continuously improves messaging and builds excitement with our team and partner. We constantly improve ad copy on onboarding calls, and our partners can ask for updates weekly. 

Lastly, podcast ads need time to reach their full impact. Think about it, we drop an ad. You need to give it time for our audience to download the episode, listen to it, and then act. It can take 8 - 15 advertising touchpoints to entice a fan to make a purchase. We recommend waiting 8 weeks after every ad drops to gauge traction. 

Interested in partnering with us? Reach out - advertise@twit.tv.