Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Leo Laporte & Why TWiT Works

Sponsoring TWiT's innovative podcasts automatically puts your business in front of an affluent, highly-engaged, tech-savvy audience with one-click purchasing power. TWiT only partners with sponsors who have products/services that will benefit their audience. 

Our top-ranked flagship podcast, and network's namesake, This Week in Tech, hosted by Leo Laporte, is the crown jewel of our ad reads. Leo and his ever-changing panel of experts discuss the who, what, and why of tech news. This Week in Tech spotlights Leo's 40+ years of broadcasting experience and passion for tech. 

This Week in Tech is also one of the longest-running podcasts. It all started in 2005 when Leo and several former TechTV colleagues gathered for a reunion at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco and recorded their conversation. Leo posted the recording on his website, which led to overwhelming fan requests for more. Three months later, in April 2005, Leo and the crew launched the show as a weekly podcast - the rest is history!

Today, This Week in Tech has audience statistics sure to make any executive swoon. With an average impression rate of 260,000 per episode, 67% of listeners earn over $100,000 yearly, 50% are in management positions, and 87% are Tech/IT decision-makers. This Week in Tech's audience also ranges from companies of all sizes; Whether it's for companies with less than 100 employees (36% of listeners), or 1000+ employees (43% of listeners), This Week in Tech has valuable information for all of our tech-minded listeners. These are powerful percentages and what makes our qualified audience stand out. 

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