Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Why TWiT? Because TWiT's Host-Read Ads Stand Out


Sponsoring TWiT's innovative podcasts puts your brand in front of an affluent, highly-engaged, tech-savvy audience with one-click purchasing power. TWiT only partners with sponsors who have products/services that will benefit their audience. Read client testimonials here: Advertise with TWiT.

TWiT's podcasts are in audio/video formats, except for new shows, allowing for product or service demos. Our full-service continuity team will care for your copywriting, graphics, and editing needs.

85% of listeners made a purchase based on a TWiT host-read ad

99% listen to most or the entire podcast

87% are involved in their company's tech/IT decision-making process

TWiT believes in delivering powerful host-read ads that properly introduce a sponsor's products/services to its audience. Overdelivery on impressions is guaranteed as all ads are embedded. Sponsorship promotion appears on TWiT's sponsor page, show episode page, and RSS feed. Newsletter and social media promotion is included, and courtesy commercials on video shows are provided with every ad read.

Are you ready to grow your business?

Reach out today to advertise@twit.tv and start your powerful campaign with TWiT.tv and have your products/services promoted by its expert hosts.