Monday, November 13, 2023

Setting Brand Expectations From Podcast Advertising - Part II

Set clear goals and expectations for how you will elevate a brand. For example, with our host-read ads on TWiT, to make a campaign successful, we need to know if our clients are re-targeting the traffic we are sending to their website (with Google Ads, social media ads, other pods/TV/radio ads and anywhere else they are advertising). We are a pipeline, not a sales team for each brand. When we are sending qualified traffic their way, it's up to their sales team to ultimately convert our fans into their customers with a compelling offer.

Once you have established that your client is also promoting their services/products on other platforms, you can focus on boosting performance with podcast host-read ads. Remember that podcasts are on-demand. Podcasts are downloaded when fans want to listen, and ads are not heard simultaneously. The expectation that one podcast ad can take up to eight weeks to reach its entire impact is standard. Brands need to have patience when leveraging podcast ads.

Brands must be educated that podcast ads take time and they also build trust. If you don't set this expectation, brands will come back to complain soon after a podcast ad drops. Host-read podcast ads work because audiences listening already trust the host and expect them to deliver ads they want to hear about with high integrity.

Brands, please remember podcast ads take time. Just because a fan downloaded an episode doesn't mean they listened to it immediately. If you want to work with our partnership team here at TWiT, please contact, and our team will reach out.