Sunday, February 5, 2023 - Ad Copy Pointers


Let's talk about advertising copy. provides a full-service continuity team that includes ad copywriting. However, many of our partners choose to supply us with their internal ad copy. Often, these copies are mass-produced and not tailored to our highly qualified audience, which causes them to fall flat in conversions. Our audience is curious and willing to try. We know something needs to be corrected when numbers show that our listeners are visiting sponsors websites but failing to sign up or make a purchase. We modify ad copy to highlight the most important features while including the why and how it will benefit our audience. With our influence on the ad copy, we make stronger messaging which entices our audience to check it out.

We've been in the ad-supported podcasting game since 2005 and know what works with our audience. Strong ad copy will clearly outline the what, why, and how for our audience, including testimonials, features, and benefits. Our audience is sophisticated and tech-savvy; they want to hear directly from our hosts because they trust them. This is why we encourage all of our partners to collaborate with us to create ad copy for our network.

Here's an example of a SaaS sponsor who would not accept our input on ad copy. Their ad copy stated that they would save you a day a week if you used their service. It seemed compelling enough, but it lacked the how it worked. There were no case studies or basic examples of how and they were competing in a crowded space. We know we sent plenty of our fans to their website, over 2,500 visitors in less than three months using Podsights. Unsurprisingly, they saw hardly any conversions from these numbers because the ad copy fell short, and nothing was compelling on their website to support their call to action.

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