Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Get to Know TWiT.tv's Audience

Seventeen years ago, in 2005, TWiT started as a recorded conversation; now, it has fully bloomed into the tech network TWiT.tv that you know today. At our network, our audience is like our family - everything we do is ultimately to serve their benefit. When we sign on new sponsors, we make a distinguished introduction and do not take this lightly. 

We have a highly qualified assembly of loyal viewers and listeners. We know this because we asked them. One thing we will never do at TWiT.tv is invade our audience's privacy, so we survey them directly, giving us more accurate information and a more encompassing picture of who we serve. Year after year, our podcasts attract highly educated, affluent listeners because we create cutting-edge content to keep successful people at the top of their game. And now, as we are getting ready for 2023, our audience still never ceases to impress:

  • Being a tech network, we pride ourselves on delivering information relevant to our audience. 72% of our listeners have a job function directly related to technology, and 87% are involved with tech/IT decisions.  
  • We have top earners listening to our shows. Overall, 66% of our audience earns over $100k annually, and 23% earns over $200k. To no surprise, due to its subject matter, our highest percentage of high earners lands with our podcast This Week in Enterprise Tech, which boasts 72% earning over $100k and a whopping 94% being tech/IT decision makers.
  • Half of our listeners are in management positions or above, and 65% are involved in their company's decision-making. Our audience raises the bar for us and our sponsors, explaining why our network remains at the top for delivering reliable tech news. 

Our audience remembers our sponsors; in fact, 85% of our listeners have made a purchase based on our ads. Nearly all of our audience listens to most or all of the podcast episodes (99%, to be precise). Our host-read format allows brands to leave a lasting impact that solidifies with embedded placement, allowing impressions to continue to rise as time goes on. 

Our hosts showcase partner brands audibly and visually in a meaningful and lasting way to our listeners and viewers, both live in-show and then embedded online. Email us at advertise@twit.tv if you'd like your brand introduced to our (over)qualified audience.