Saturday, February 20, 2016

Artisanal Agency and

I realized that I launched Artisanal Agency without providing an explanation as to why I created it. Over five years ago I started inside sales at and terminated our exclusivity contract with our outside sales broker.  When I established inside sales at, I also opened up our ad sales to other sales brokers and added a few people to my inside sales team.  Over the last couple of years, I realized that I wanted to help other podcast networks succeed in becoming an ad-supported network by mirroring the process that I created at  I also wanted to separate our content company,, from our ad sales business, which is why Leo Laporte and I created Artisanal Agency.

Leo Laporte and I are the partners at and Artisanal Agency.  The partners did not change; our ad sales process remains the same, and the only change is the name of the company.

By establishing Artisanal Agency, I can super-serve other high-integrity podcast networks who can benefit from the process that I established at without working under our content name. Leo and I chose the name "Artisanal" because I want to super-serve other network audiences with marquee advertisers that they can benefit from by carefully matching advertisers to their networks.  I am not trying to compete with large ad sales companies but work with them and other direct advertisers to establish amazing relationships with podcast networks.  Therefore, Leo and I felt that Artisanal Agency was the right name for our ad sales business.

I am in the process of signing other networks, signing new advertisers, hiring employees, and establishing a strong foundation for Artisanal Agency.  If you are interested in becoming an Artisanal Agency advertiser or network, then please reach out to me at