Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Top Five Ways You Can Support Your Favorite Podcasts/Podcast Networks

Here are the top five ways you can support your favorite podcasts/podcast networks:

Subscribe, subscribe, subscribe - and then listen/watch what you download. Remember, you can listen while cooking, exercising, driving, commuting, or doing a mundane task to keep your mind fresh, entertained, and educated.

Support podcast sponsors - simply visiting a sponsor's website and making a purchase is not enough. Use your podcast's offer code or visit their landing page so the podcaster gets credit. Less than 60% of TWiT's audience uses them based on our 2024 survey. If it were 100%, brands would know where you heard about them from.

Join podcast clubs or pay for your content. It costs money to make content. Have you ever heard how many people produce one episode of NPR's Upfirst? I understand they are public radio with deep pockets. Small/independent podcasters do more with less. Here at TWiT, we only have a handful of producers, and we produce fourteen shows. It takes the combined efforts of our hosts and producers to make it all happen, and they do not work for free. Fan support helps, especially since advertising has dwindled. TWiT fans can sign up here: https://twit.tv/clubtwit

Reshare your favorite podcast episodes on social or repost your favorite podcast's posts. By sharing content, you help increase awareness and introduce your followers to the content you love. TWiT fans can follow us on YouTube, Facebook, X (@TWiT), Instagram (@twit.tv), TikTok (@twittok), Bluesky (@twit.tv), or apply to join our Mastodon.

Lastly, tell a friend! Word of mouth is one of the most powerful forms of advertising. If you enjoy content, tell a friend about it. Community is what makes podcasting great. Well, that and fantastic content.