Monday, December 18, 2023

Sales Tip - Listen, Learn and Practice Your Skills

I will always emphasize the importance of continuous skill expansion, practice, and knowledge improvement for ongoing success in sales. When I started in sales and was buying podcasts for direct clients, I was only asked how much money I had to spend and that they would tell me what to buy. I was not asked questions like what are your growth goals, who are you trying to reach, etc. Therefore everyone needs to remember that sales is about being the guide for a brand on helping them reach their growth goals.

Stay relevant in sales with my five tips:

1. Listen to podcasts that enhance selling skills, such as "The Advanced Selling Podcast," to learn and reinforce new skills relevant to your industry.

2. Read books on improving your sales and communication skills and on active listening.

3. Engage in networking and join sales groups online or in person, like those on LinkedIn, to meet others in the sales space, learn from their processes, and brainstorm ideas.

4. Consider hiring a sales coach or finding a mentor to challenge you, keep your skills relevant, and expand your skills.

5. Practice pitching with other salespeople.

Remember that sales are not all about pitching or selling. It is genuinely about solving problems for others and guiding them to success. When prospecting for new business, focus on listening to potential clients and understanding their needs to increase your chances of working with new partners.