Wednesday, November 8, 2023

B2B Influencers Include is one of the original B2B influencers. Brands have been partnering with influencers for years, promoting B2C products & services with great effectiveness. Today, brands are now focusing on influencers to promote B2B products/services.

Brands know there are several ways to promote B2B, including social media, content marketing, newsletters, email, paid search, organic search, and streaming TV/podcasts. We've said it before, and we'll say it again: you need multiple touchpoints to gain conversions. B2B typically needs more touchpoints than B2C, especially if the service is complex.

Here at, we offer host-read ads. Here are the three reasons why our hosts are highly effective B2B influencers.

1. Our hosts eat, live, & breathe tech. They are technology broadcast journalists OR experts in their field because it's required for the show. They deliver the ads with full knowledge of the product/service & understand how it works with a personal or implied endorsement.

2. Our host-read ads are authentic and longer than a minute. Our hosts take the time to cover all the features and benefits, provide testimonials on how it works for others, and they take their time to provide a proper introduction to their audience. They do not rush.

3. Our fans trust our hosts. 85% of our tech-savvy audience made a purchase based on a TWiT ad. has been around since 2005, and our B2B ad reads continually stand out. As one of the original B2B influencers, our network always delivers for our partners.

If you are interested in advertising with because you want the gold standard in podcast advertising, then please email, and we can help you achieve your goals.