Thursday, June 15, 2023

Invest In Your Employees


Employment standards are at a fascinating crossroads, and many companies need help deciding whether or not to replace current employees with potentially better future candidates. 

During uncertain times, successful leadership has to be comfortable with adaptation, elevating current employees' skillset with company-provided courses rather than replacing them altogether—a much more efficient way of navigating a profitable business. Investing in your current workforce will ultimately serve your company's longevity more purposefully. 

The truth is that all types of positions across all industries are displacing rapidly. However, a poignant example from an interview with Ryan Roslansky, CEO at LinkedIn, stands out: "When the pandemic hit, on LinkedIn, we saw a ton of food service workers out of work…On the flip side, digital customer service roles were the most in-demand. …The average food service worker in that period had 70% of the skills needed to be an entry-level customer service agent."

Long story short, Optimization should be the goal of any company. Nothing beats elevating your current employees' skillset to better serve your company's goals. Investing in existing employees will only help your brand's health and advantage.  

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