Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Tech Break on TWiT.tv

Don’t you wish you could take one of the best pieces out of a podcast and hear a snippet about a particular topic? Well, the hosts of TWiT thought it was a good idea too and made it happen. Take a moment and check out TWiT’s Tech Break. These are podcast shorts taken from TWiT’s full-length episodes that our hosts felt deserved to be highlighted all on their own. The content ranges from new gadgets, apps, unboxings, interviews and excerpts, and anything else our hosts deem highlight-worthy. And sometimes, the content is brand new; if a story breaks, our hosts want to be sure you hear about it right away.

Take Tech Break 7124, for example, published on January 9th. Amy Webb, Leo Laporte, and Fr. Robert Ballecer discuss NASA’s Webb Telescope deployment. The event was exceptionally newsworthy, but the conversation that ensued about people’s perception of reality, society, and coming together, expanded upon this legendary event. It’s more than just a telescope.

That was a fantastic conversation. Check it out. You truly don’t want to miss any episode. Subscribe and download today and take a tech break.