Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Three Reasons Why Host Ad Reads Are So Effective

Photo by Masako:  Mikah & Matthew

For many companies, the bread and butter of their business rely solely on the support of their sponsors. So, it should come as no surprise how important a host-ad-read can be within a podcast that can make or break the audience’s interest in a product or service. Here are three reasons why Host Ad Reads are so effective.

Trust has already been established
Podcast subscribers don’t show up to tune in as if they were flipping through different TV channels. There is something about that podcast that they connect to and which speaks to them on a deeper level, keeping them coming back for more. But it pertains more to a who rather than what. Podcasters generate their following with personality, intellect, and expertise ultimately becoming someone who people feel they know and who they can rely on. This trust is part of the success with Host Ad Reads. If you trust your host, you can trust what they are selling to you.

Each company is more than just its one-liners. A host can explain different products and services that their sponsors offer. Perhaps the first read didn’t pertain to someone’s needs, but the next one pinpoints something they have lived without and need now. This can also help with flow. If a host puts in their own knowledge of a product, they can tailor the information to meet the advertiser’s requirements with their own voice, where it comes across more naturally.

Testimonials Speak Volumes
Testimonials are a huge part of getting the sponsor heard. Remember that trust? Hosts have the ability to highlight their own personal experience with using a product, that isn’t something a company can provide from a commercial on tv. It’s the intimate sharing that the audience can connect with. Why would you use something a person you trust does not? Positive product reflection can only benefit everyone involved.

Don’t underestimate the power of a host ad-read. They are trusted and can tailor an ad-read to really speak to their fans.