Thursday, May 24, 2018

5 Reasons to Participate in a Webinar

Webinars are a new way to get information and learn about something that interests you. In fact, there’s a webinar to cover almost any topic from self-help and personal motivation to tips and guidance for new entrepreneurs. There are even some webinars that can qualify as college credit. If you’ve considered signing up for a webinar, but have been hesitant, let these few benefits help change your mind.
They’re convenient
You can participate in a webinar from the comfort of your home or in your office because they’re broadcast online. In fact, many employers have started using webinars to conduct meetings with their employees. Since most webinars are archived on the hosting site, they can be viewed anytime, so it’s not necessary to rearrange your schedule to see one. They can also be viewed on mobile devices, making them even more convenient.
Getting college credit
Primarily, webinars have been most useful in obtaining continuing education credits, especially in the field of agriculture. As the technology and the advantages catch on, more mainstream educational opportunities may present themselves. One webinar can equate to a credit towards a continuing education course, making it easier than ever to get additional training to boost your career.
Sharing time-sensitive information
Webinar sessions are more socially and culturally relevant than traditional seminars because they can be planned and premiered within a very short time frame. This means they can discuss current events and material that is socially or politically relevant. Where a regular seminar takes months to plan and can’t be amended to incorporate the latest news, a webinar can be offered within days or weeks.
Learning from doers
When you sign up for a webinar, you’re attending a lecture conducted by someone who has real-world experience in the topic being presented. For instance, many established authors host webinars that discuss publishing a first novel. Successful real estate investors host webinars on breaking into the market. Whatever the topic, you’ll likely find that the speaker or host has had practical experience.
Lower attendance costs
Finally, most webinars are completely free of charge. Those that do charge an attendance fee keep the fees low to encourage attendance. This makes a webinar a much more desirable option than a regular seminar, which would require travel, possible lodging, and a higher fee at the door.
Considering these advantages, attending a webinar can be one of the best ways to learn about a topic that interests you. They can open you up to a new career path or better way of living, all from the comfort of your home.