Friday, January 26, 2018

How Do You Think About Money?

Money is a stressor for me as it feels good when it's flowing, but when it's not, it's the source of my anxiety and stress in my life.  Lately, I am anxious all of the time, and I am trying to reflect on why and what I can do to relieve my tension.

I started listening to You are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero and here is the mantra that she recommends that I say every day "I love money because it's the root of so much awesome."  I am starting to chant this daily and plan to continue to think about money in a positive way.

Jen Sincero then recommends these five points, and they are direct quotes from her book:

1.  Write down five positive words to describe money
2.  Practice saying thank you every time you receive money - celebrate it
3.  Spend at least five minutes each day sitting in silence connecting with money
4.  Leave money around your house in various places, so you get used to seeing it all the time - remind yourself how abundant it is
5.  Fill in the blank - I am grateful for money because

Thanks to Jen for shifting my focus from making money because it's necessary and sometimes stressful to having gratitude for it and all of the awesome things it can do for me.  Money is neither bad or good; it's just a tool to get what I want, and I need to be positive when I think about it.  Will you?